Why do I feel guilty for breaking up part 2

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Why do I feel guilty for breaking up part 2
Thu, 02-20-2014 - 9:06am


Thanks everyone for your feedback

I know I did the right thing for my happiness and my son's happiness. The thought of being secluded at the lake house withoutt anything to do or being with friiends and family was a depressing thought although I did give up the opportunity to retire and financial securitywhich makes me doubt my decision.   Why do decisions have to be so tough?

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Sometimes decisions are tough, aren't they? But in this case, being able to retire and financial security would mean nothing if you were stuck at a lake house 24/7 with none of the hobbies and interests that you like to engage in. No amount of money and security would make up for not seeing family and friends that you love. I think you made a wise decision. Wish you the best!

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Wait...he doesn't like ballroom dancing so you "had" to give it up, but you don't like camping and skiing and yet he didn't "have" to give those things up?  

And if you moved in with him you'd "have" to give up everything you love in life, but what does he "have" to give up?  Nothing!  He gets you to cook, clean and share his bed with him while you putter around waiting to die (sorry to sound harsh, but that's what you'd be doing!)

He can't "make" you feel guilty...guilt belongs to the one feeling guilty, but only if you allow it.

Can't you meet men at ballroom dancing or at any of the other myriad activities you now let yourself enjoy?  Once you meet someone who shares your interests you'll wonder why you bothered making yourself feel guilty over this selfish man.