Dating Pool for mid thirties?

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Dating Pool for mid thirties?
Thu, 10-24-2013 - 12:02am

Hi everyone,

I hope this isn't a silly question. Due to unresolvable issues my husband and I are separating. It is for the best really and I have come to terms with it. However,after being single for a while and working on my own life for a bit I would like to eventually meet somone for a long term committed relationship  that would lead to marriage. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life and would enjoy having a partner to share it with. However, I am turning 32 next month and from what I have been reading online men become less interested in women once they start pushing mid thirties and the dating pool shinks significantly. Is this true? Somehow I don't quite believe this but  every where I turn I hear stories and see articles about women who cannot find partners now that they are in their mid thirties. Assuming  this isn't true do you think a man would still be interested in a women if there is little to no hope of her ever having a baby? I had a surgery that would make having a baby dangerous for me. Thanks for the feed back.

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Thu, 10-31-2013 - 4:24am

Sailor girl-

Hi. I am a man who got married at age 44 for the first time--to a 43 year old, also marrying for the first time. I am now 50. From my experience, dating does progressively become more difficult as one gets older, but big drop offs for both genders only occur after 40 or so, and for women, after 50. You can read in other message strands here at iVillage how exasperating it is for single women over 50, but you're not there yet.

As to the issue of children, people have different priorities. It's like with other aspects of who you are, some men will be be in sync and attracted, while others just won't be compatible. I wouldn't obsess over it.

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Thu, 10-24-2013 - 2:14pm

Men become less interested in women in their 30's?  I can't imagine where you got that one.  I'm in my 50's and I go to singles dances and see all these guys who are 50, 60, 70--and they are all interested in women.  Now as far as finding someone to marry, you just never know.  I'm sure there's a certain percentage of men in their early 30's who were concentrating on their career and have never married & maybe just now they are wanting to settle down.  You also have some who, like you, had a brief first marriage.  As far as men not wanting kids, some don't want them at all--others would be willing to adopt or maybe if you don't mind older men, maybe some guys have kids from their first marriage & dont' want more.  There are just too many variable to tell either way.