Do I send him a text or email?

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Do I send him a text or email?
Mon, 07-01-2013 - 9:18pm

I just met a guy at a social event.  I didn't notice him until I heard him say excuse me from behind me.  We made eye contact and then he walked to the back of the bar.  Of course my curiosity was triggered and after finishing my conversation with someone I left for the back of the bar.  He was talking with a few people and I went up to them and joined the conversation.  When we started talking it turned out we have some similiarites on where our families are from.  Exchanged business cards.  Anyway, at one point one person was talking a bit much and he whispered in my ear and put his arm around my waist to leave with him.  When we got outside he said he needed to go upstairs to his office - back to work.  So I thought ok, that's it.  He didn't ask me up to his office, although he did ask another woman who he knew outside the bar.  When he turned to leave for his office he said "ok so you're going to be here a while right?" and kept walking.  I actually had to leave and tried to call out to tell him but he didn't hear me.

So do I send him a message that I had to go because of the time?  Or do I wait for him to contact me?  I would like to see him again.