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Let me tell you a story....

Im in higih school, I started a girl I like in the hall.I asked her for her name,what class is she in,her facebook.I found her and I started chating with her..

We talked for a while and I had a feeling that she wasnt interested in getting to know me better, so I asked her ...Are you even interested in meeting me..Cuz I think your not.I was suprised she said..Well we can get to know each other better and we can talk and all that....I said OK.Can you give me your number? she said yes.It was the real number :) .I had hope that we will get together very soon.I asked her the next day does she wanna go after school to get some coffe and hang out...She said she didint have anything to do, she wasnt busy and it was ok..I texted her the next day saying il be wating for you in the hall way..She replied..Im not at school..I was like Is it possible? XD why?...she said it is..from there I didint want to text her anymore.. note that she knew what class I was and I didint even tell her that O.o and that we had gym class together...So I see she noticed me or something but I never saw her there... My question for you is is she interested?? Was she pulling my nose?? What should I do next?

All in all Thank you .