Is he interested

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Is he interested
Mon, 03-18-2013 - 2:31am


There is a guy meet last October.  We met once and it went really well.  We continued to text but then he wouldn't text.  At least once a month he contacts me and wants to start up again and then after a day - disappears.  PS - We haven't had sex....although I have made it quite clear that I would be willing

He often says that he wants to be with me and that he can't stop thinking about me. He says that he he looks for me around town and that he dreams of me often. He says that he wants to spoil me and take care of me. 

I usually text him for a while - no response and then I  just give up and then out of the blue he texts me.

We finally saw eachother again - it was passionate (no sex).  He practically attacked me and then no word for a whole month...

Should I just give up - it seems he likes to be chased but I am tried of chasing...should I just move on...

I am usually an very independant, busy woman...but I cant get him off my mind - how do I get over him?  Is he interested?


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