How do I make guys like me?

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How do I make guys like me?
Thu, 11-22-2012 - 4:04pm

Hi everyone, I am 20 years old and I really have trouble getting a boyfriend or meeting the right person.

I know this sounds prosy, but I mean it. I have only dated once in my life and it was with the help of a friend of mine, and it lasted...12 days. Ι know i am not the kind of girl every guy will run after, but I take care of myself, I eat healthy, I exercise and I know I can look pretty cute when I want. The last two years that I go to uni, I always expected that I was going to date guys exc. but nothing ever happened...Guys approached me during nights out and everything was going fine, we exchanged numbers, sometimes we went on a date but after a while they just disappear. All this happened with 4 different guys! I don't think that I am awkwaard or anything, truth is that I am a person who likes conversations, so I don't play easily flirty, but I am always smiling and trying to be nice. I often concluded that meeting guys in night blubs isn't really for me, since I don't go out a lot and they probably aren't my type of guy...But where else can I meet guys and start a conversation? Some other guys that I met they immediately friendzoned me...I find it very difficult to show more than friendly interest without seeming obsessed....Now, I have a crush over a boy ,he is the brother of a friend of mine and we immediately became very good friends. I though we really matched, we always talked for hours and I know he was having fun because he always complimented me on how intelligent I was and sometimes on my looks, too. But he never really called me, it was always me who did the first step...and today we were suppose to eat together, the 2 of us, at mine, and the last minute he told me he isn't gonna come, with the most natural voice ever. I guess I am friendzoned again...why can't he see me like more than just friends?

All of this really makes me sad, since I am very romantic person and always dreamed of having a serious relationship, sharing a normal, cosy life with the one I love. And my life is everything except this...all my friends are getting in couples so I am starting to questioning myself what I do wrong, that's why I am writing here. I don't need advices such as ''be yourself'' or ''look good'', but if any experienced in relationships girl (or guy) knows a bit more on how to make guys like you, or maybe guess what I do wrong, I am really willing to hear it! (or better, read it!)

Thanks a lot.

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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 2:15pm

ok, first of all, there's alot of competition out there, so I understand where you're coming from.  Everywhere I go I feel like there's some perfect little blonde there to out shine me and take all the men. it sucks, and unfortunately is life. I've been where you are, and ya just gotta keep trying, but without trying too hard.  Ya gotta be a little flirty to keep their attention, but also act uninterested all at the same time.  Men are ridiculous, but unfortunately we want them, so we have to play their game.  Just try to tap into your sexiness, and confidence, and it will radiate off of u, they love confident girls.  But do bare in mind that they are stupid, and this is not your fault.  There are lots of women out there with the same problem.