I can't believe I trusted him

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I can't believe I trusted him
Sat, 09-21-2013 - 8:03pm

I talked about my worries in "Am I being too Nervous" last week.

I can't believe what I just found out!!!!!! Just to reassure myself that he really was done with the woman in the other town, I gave her a call. I just told her he was going to be coming to my work & wanted to know what was up just in case the subject came up. She doesn't know we've ever had anything going on at all.

Guess what? She was with him last weekend & had already talked to him today.I didn't tell her that he'd been with me the weekend before that!

Meanwhile he's been talking to me about going to Italy and our "relationship". I can't believe I've been such a sucker!!! You'd think at my age I'd be a little sharper to a guy like that.

I'm just heartbroken. I really like the guy & can't believe he's such a sleaze.