Lied About Being Married

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Lied About Being Married
Fri, 11-08-2013 - 7:53pm

I started dating this guy and the topic of marriage came up a few times. I am still legally married but separated for almost a year. He knew this. I heard he was married and asked him. He would say that he was then a few minutes later say it was a joke, it was a running joke with us, him being married but he'd always say he wasn't. I finally heard someone else say he was so confronted him. He denied it at first then the next day I saw him he admitted he is married. 

He said he married her 8 months ago on a whim, a week after they got married she was offered a job in another country. She told him she was taking it and left him, said she'd visit him but never came back. He was heart broken but decided he is going to divorce her. He told me he didn't want to admit it to me because he was afraid I would not date him. I told him I don't like liars and he lied right to my face. When we would spend time together he brought up marriage, kids and how he wants a family. He mentioned teaching me his native language so I could talk to his mom. He really acted like he was serious about us. 

I want to try and give him another chance or the benefit of the doubt but I know that phrase once a liar always a liar, and he could be lying about more than what he said. It really sucks because I haven't trusted anyone ever like I trusted him, I didn't even trust my husband when we dated. I had a genuinely good gut feeling about this guy and I still do but I know it is probably the stupidest thing to do, giving him another chance. I need advice.