Oh... the dating game...

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Oh... the dating game...
Thu, 11-21-2013 - 1:03am


Need some advice on this whole dating era and what I should be focusing on/getting rid of.

Im 28years old female that is the last in my cirlce of friends to be married/boyfriend and to have kids. My last serious relationship was an enagagemet yet long distance relationship end cause he walked out over 2 years ago.

Since my last relationship I took some time to heal and have met new guys and have also reunited with old guy friends that we have considered seeing each other every so oftern. Here is my situation.... I met this guy in 2009 (G#1) at a concert and was very attracted to him back then and than some him again this year and we reconnected. We speak every so often and have had couple dates but thats about it. We flirt, we kiss and i have told him that i am interested in him, and i just dont get any feed back from him. I have noticed that if i dont reply to his texts, calles he begins to questions ways to know where im at.... When I respond, he makes himself available to "hang out" . This guy has decent communication skills, has goals, is a work a holic but doesnt really know where to place me in his life, however im extremely attracted to him.

Guy 2 (G#2) I met through a mutual friend. Great guy with a great future, goals, and family oriented. The getting to know each other is still fresh and new that were still testing out the waters. 

Guy (G#3) Well it begin great... then i notice that it was starting to become just a sex hang out so I stopped the communication. Then i restarted it back up and told him that im looking for a commited relationship not a fling. He made effort to hangout outside from the sheets, but all it comes down to is the amazing sex... no communication via text or in person. 

Honestly, im at a point of this dating lifestyle where i just meet this guys get to know them over coffee, dinner, etc.... and that all.. I sometime take them up on the hangout offer because it give me something to do and keeps me busy with them giving me some kind of attention, but the attention im looking for is a relationship. 

Inputs are welcomed!

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Thu, 11-21-2013 - 2:26pm

I would say that no. 1 doesn't look like it's going to go anywhere since he doesn't seem willing to put any effort into being with you.  No 2 sounds like a good prospect so keep getting to know him.  No 3 is fine if you just want sex--I don't think that guys usually go from being in a FWB type of relationship to being more attached--I know it can happen but since he doesn't need to put forth any effort to get the sex, then I don't think he's going to step things up.