Question about making out with a guy I just met

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Question about making out with a guy I just met
Sat, 06-15-2013 - 2:06pm

I'm not sure if this belong on this board, but I think this was the closest board to the quetion i wanted to ask.

I went out with a guy last night - we'd met up once before (after talking on a dating website for a while - during which time we found out we had some mutual friends). We are in our mid to late 20s. Yesterday he formally asked me out and we had a great dinner - we talked about serious issues and what we want out of a relationship etc. We were on the same page - basically just getting out of a previous relationship. I'm not sure if I'm interested in a long term relationship with him, but I do find him very attractive. So I figured I might as well see where things go.

At the end of the date, we went for a walk, and he made some moves on me, and we started making out - while making out, it got a little hot and heavy, but I made sure we just stuck to first base - but I noticed that a couple of times, he grabbed my throat (he wasn't trying to hurt me, but just placed his hand there with very slight pressure). I found that incredibly sexy (I love it when a guy takes control), but I didn't encourage him just because I thought it was a little weird that he got that comfortable with me on date #2 especially since the date itself wasn't a heavily flirty kind of date (and we weren't drunk either - just had a couple of drinks).

My question is - is this accepted behavior from men? I mean guys acting in control - do majority of the guys do that by instict, thinking all women like being controlled? Personally, no guy I've gone out with has been aggressive by default as soon as we've met. I'm just curious why he would've done that without even asking me if that was something I was into. Nobody brings out their fantasies the first time they are making out with someone - especially since neither of us were obliterated! lol

I'm not dwelling too much on this. I just thought I would see what other people thought about this. :)