What do u think of this?

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What do u think of this?
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 2:58pm

I am going to post a scenario just want to know what will be your opinion on that. I alrayd gave my opinion to the person who also told me the thing. Just want to hear other different points of view


There is this couple of grown up people, the guy is currently 36 and the lady is 35.. The guy has a 15 yrd old son from a past relationship, but he never married the mother it was an unplanned pregnancy for  them as they were both teenagers and for many years the mother had the kid and the father hardly ever saw him ( he did saw him but very very little)  because they live in different countries and the dad was in another country to make a living just when the father visited his family he got the chance to visit his son until just last year the father reconnected his son and now he lives with him. The guy dated other chicks in his 20;s, almost 30’s one last for 4 yrs and the other chick lasted for 1 yr (just 2 yrs ago) but with neither one he had kids or even  married them, they just dated as a couple.


Only last year this guy met the 35 yrd old woman that I am talking about here.  Before that the guy was only living with his son (and still living with him) but it is known he was not dating anyone. So last year the guy met this new chick, and like 4 months later the lady got pregnant (it was an unplanned pregnancy). It is known too that the chick move in with this guy very soon after their relationship but not only that but this lady has also a son from a previous marriage who is 3 yrd old and therefore this lady move in and took her son too. In addition the lady has been married twice. With the first one she did  not have kids and with her latest one she had the 3 yrd old I mention. It is said but of course is not confirmed the lady it is just separated from the father of her 3rd old son  but not officially divorced. Rumors said she is still separated but not officially divorced, but it is not confirmed like I said


 The lady is now 8 months pregnant and she met the guy just last year as I said and got pregnant like 4 months into their relationship. So now under the same roof lives, the guy, his pregnant lady, the lady’s son and the guy son of 15 from a previous relationship and the guy supports all. It is uncertain if the lady works or ever has work and she is very jealous and has a very strong personality.


The guy does not call her gf but call her partner (they are not married or at this moment plan to marry her , they just will have a baby together and all of them live under the same roof) but sometimes call hers lady. They do not hold hands like if they were really a couple when they are out..


Is this scenario complicated for the guy, Do you feel there is love there, or that they are in love or just caring and protection from the guy for this unborn baby that I don’t doubt he will love him dearly? Do you believe they want to settle? Is this a sign to settle I mean sicne the chick move in with him after those 4 months  etc etc?



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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 4:39pm

I think since you are just giving factual details and you aren't involved, it's impossible for any one else to tell if they are in love or just living together for the sake of the child.  People would have to know how they act together and what they say about each other.  Do they tell people they are in love or that they are just doing this for convenience?

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 9:54am
I think the whole thing is nobody's business except for the people involved in the relationship. Unless one of them shared their story with you and asked you for your advice, why do you care?