Christmas Presents for new BF

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Christmas Presents for new BF
Sun, 12-13-2009 - 11:34pm

Happy Holidays!

I've been seeing the absolute best BF that I've ever had for about two months now, and am trying to figure out what to get him for a present. He is kind, caring, a total gentleman, and is a CPA. His life is all about his two dogs and sailing, outside of work (and dates :D)

My options (so far) are:

Stephen King's new novel (we were at borders, and he was eyeing it.)
Plus: easy, simple gift, not too crazy
Minus: Not very personal (but after two months that can be a plus still)

Sweater - but is this overdone?

Christmas Ornament - we were in a fancy art shop, and he pointed out these hand blown christmas ornaments that he wants to start collecting, and said he wanted to get one a year until he had a tree full. But, is that too much too soon? I mean, a "once a year until" is kind of a commitment, so maybe that would be too much.


For his dogs (and my best friend and parents who also have dogs), homemade treats.

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Mon, 12-14-2009 - 1:52am

I think any of those gifts would be good. The book and the ornament show that you've been paying attention to the things he likes and remembering them. If you find a sweater that's his style, that also shows that you've been paying attention to the things he likes. None of the gifts are that expensive so I don't think any of them are too personal or overwhelming for this stage of the relationship.

Here are some thoughts on each of the individual gifts:

Stephen King novel- Impersonal to me means you're getting somebody a generic gift that says you don't know anything about what the person will like. A gift card to Wal-mart or a plain tie would be something I'd consider impersonal. I don't consider a specific book impersonal for a Christmas gift because it shows you're paying attention to what the other person wants.

I can see how a sweater or a tree ornament can both be more sentimental than a book, in that he's more likely to think about you when he wears the sweater or hangs up the ornament in the future. That's less likely to happen with a book. Even if he rereads it, he'll probably be thinking about the book and not about you. This is Christmas and not Valentine's Day, though, so I think that's fine.

Sweater- This can be a nice gift if he likes clothes and you know what he likes to wear. My first thought was that sweaters are not overdone. I can think of a bunch more holiday gifts for men that are more cliched than that. I did just remember though that my husband's grandfather gets clothes from each of his granddaughter's every year. One year we were sitting beside him at Christmas as he was opening his Christmas gifts. He actually complained to us and said, "I don't know why they always get me all these shirts and stuff. I never even get around to wearing any of them." I guess clothes in general can be overdone as gifts that men receive from women. I'm sure there are men who do appreciate clothing gifts though, and I think a sweater is fine as long as it's just a one-time thing and not the same gift you always get him.

Christmas Ornament- I like this idea. Getting him a glass ornament this year doesn't mean you're committing to getting him one every year from here on out. It's just getting him started on his collection. If he decides he doesn't want to keep collecting them, he'll still appreciate having one. If the relationship ends up developing into something more serious, the ornament will become a nice memento to have of your first Christmas together. If you don't last, then it will just be a pretty ornament for him to hang on his tree. It doesn't sound like it's too expensive, and it's also a gift you could easily buy for a friend so it's not really too personal.

If I had to pick from your choices, I'd say to either go with the Stephen King book or a Christmas ornament. It's pretty clear that he wants either one of those so I'm sure he'll be happy with whichever one you get him. You didn't mention anything to indicate that he wants a sweater so that gift option sounds like the riskiest of the three.

I think I would probably choose one of the ornaments myself. It seems like the safest bet as something he'd appreciate having, and it sounds like a beautiful gift to get someone.