depressed girl im dating her

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depressed girl im dating her
Thu, 04-25-2013 - 3:31pm
is depression a life long illness or is it just temporary. i know this girl and she takes fluctoname -prozac and she says she take it everyday for 2 years-she lies to me at times. im not sure how long. really but she takes that drug and also her mood changes too. she gets mad or sad pretty easily. at time i didnt text her for a day and told me she was sad since i didnt text her. or her pics didnt get through and she says shes mad in the text msg
but i know for sure she isnt working, she is 24 , hard time making decisions and changes her mind/or hard time making decisions and very negative and yes she has depression

im just wonderin if she will ever get better as im looking to settle and long term partner

will she ever get better and never had to take prozac-flutonaime , will mood be normal, is it curable???

another guy i met said he knew her 5 years ago when she was 20 and she was nuts. i guess she hasnt changed
also her mind changes a lot or hard time making decisions about what she really wants. its frustarting so we just do what i want. never met a girl that really really likes me and we didnt know each other that long either. she never had a serious bf and most guys used her just for sex --that what she told me. not sure if its real or just lies
yea i sometimes find it frustratinng hanging out with her. her choices are all mixed up . they want u to pick her up and later u do and she says shes not sure she wants to sit in my car . im already at ur place in my car. lol

oh yea sometimes she text my cell at 4 am, 340 am i know since my cell shows the time text came in. so i get text like at 1 am 1 30 am, and then at 4 am around those times. she also has trouble sleeping
Also one time on our dates she say I'm handsome and another time said I'm average looking and on other date said I'm ugly
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Thu, 04-25-2013 - 8:14pm

Depression varies with different people--sometimes it can come & go depending on circumstances and with other people it could be a life long illness where the person would always have to be on medication, so it's hard to know.  If you go to a bookstore, look in the mental health section for a book called something like When Someone you love is Depressed.  My exH had bipolar disorder and I read that book & it was actually pretty depressing (no pun intended) to see that it's something that you have to deal with forever--not sure if you want to get into this kind of situation when you're only in your 20's.

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Fri, 04-26-2013 - 11:30am
she take the drug similar to prozac called flutoacime and takes it everyday for 2 years. that what she tells me but i knew a guy that also knew her but 5 years ago and said even back then shes was nuts
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Sun, 04-28-2013 - 9:05pm

Depression or not, it sounds like you're having some serious doubts about being with this girl for the long term. I think you should consider those things on their own and decide whether or not you can live with them.

Depression is a serious illness, but it is treatable. I struggle with it myself, but I've gotten it under control through lifestyle changes and my faith. But even at my worst I didn't lie or go nuts. I know everyone is different, though. Still, I don't think any medical condition warrants making excuses for that type of behavior. It's either something you can put up with or it isn't. Have you tried talking to her about her behavior to see if she is willing to take steps to fix it? Maybe if she sees how much it bothers you she might consider making some positive changes. But no one should stay in a relationship expecting the other person to change.

Good luck!