A good reason for rejecting a marriage proposal

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A good reason for rejecting a marriage proposal
Wed, 11-06-2013 - 1:12pm

A guy named Patrick Moote proposed to his girlfriend on camera at a sporting event.  You know those gimmick proposals.  She said no.

Later she told him that she said no, at least in part, because his penis is too small.

This is not a joke.  It really happened.

The incident inspired him to make a documentary.  Here's the trailer:


Small penis is a very good reason to reject a proposal, and in fact, I expect this happens a lot more often than people admit.  It seems like a shallow reason, so people make up other reasons like lack of compatibility, etc.  Or maybe "we weren't compatible" is a euphamism for "his penis is too small".

I applaud this woman for her courage and honesty.

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Wed, 11-06-2013 - 10:44pm

As usual, I agree with Musiclover12. Sexual compatibility is important, but something like this would be reason to end things at an earlier stage (provided the couple first slept together a while ago).

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First you would assume that this couple had been dating for some time up to the point where he wanted to get engaged so if the woman felt that their sex life was inadequate, why did she keep dating him?  I think that's ridiculous.  Of course I agree that a couple's sex life is important.  

I'm pretty amazed that this guy turned his moment of embarrassment into a funny documentary where he is basically making fun of himself.