He hasn't kissed me yet

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He hasn't kissed me yet
Sun, 08-06-2006 - 9:15am
I'm 45 and have been single for 2 years following a 12 and half year marriage. I'm STILL trying to ease my way back into the dating game. I met a 48 y/o man at Walmart's recently. We swapped email addy's and had an innocent snow cone date that evening. Since then, I've had coffee with him, lunch, then an evening ice cream date. He's always a perfect gentleman, opening doors, etc. I haven't heard a curse word out of his mouth. He hasn't tried to kiss me. Is it too soon to be expecting that? seems like back in the day...that was the first thing guys went after. I don't even recall him touching me at all, not even my arm. I guess I just find it a little odd. Also, do men still pay for everything? so far he has and I'm beginning to feel guilty. I don't have alot of extra money, but shouldn't I at least offer?
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Mon, 08-07-2006 - 3:00am

My woman friend who does not make much money usually offers to make dinner for him or something that is equally economical as a way of "paying her share" for the next date.


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Mon, 08-07-2006 - 3:17pm

I think he just sounds like a great guy to take your time getting to know better before you leap too quickly.

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