I am very self conscious

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I am very self conscious
Tue, 08-15-2006 - 12:42am

Hi everyone,

My name is Angie. I want to get back in the game, it's been a long time since the last time I had a relationship and I feel it's time for me to find a "friend". I know exactly what I want, but the problem is that I am scare of being rejected.

I am 26, men usually find me "beautiful", and the truth is that I look fairly good with my clothes on, but after two children and a big chunk of pounds less, my body is far from "beautiful". I am extremely self conscious, to the point that I reject men, or even worse I keep finding things wrong with them like TOO SHORT, TOO HIGH, TOO FAT, TO UGLY, TOO PRETTY, TOO GUY, TOO MASCULINE, TOO MUCH MUSCLES, TOO LITTLE MUSCLES, ETC... It is exhausting... not to mention completely unfair since I am asking not to be rejected by men. I need to stop this, and most important of all I need to stop putting myself down because I don’t have a perfect body. But the thing is that I feel that the pressure is on me. I am size 8, I have a good figure, big breast, etc… so when men sees me dress they think I am hot, but if they could see me naked they would probably think I am disgusting. I know I am probably being too hard on myself, but what if I am not, and I am really disgusting?...

Please help me figure something out…

I would really appreciate it.


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Tue, 08-15-2006 - 5:09pm

I feel ya!

Karen ~ wildlucky4me ~