I'm so bad at flirting

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I'm so bad at flirting
Fri, 07-07-2006 - 7:41pm

I try to practice flirting with guys I don't like, but obviously that leads to trouble.

There is one guy I've been seeing casually for about a week or so. He is such a flirt. I really like it, but I'm not sure how to throw it back. He'll say, "Oh it's never a bad time when you call" and I just say, "Oh. Well, okay"

It's horrible. I'm such an idiot. HELP!

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Tue, 07-11-2006 - 11:20am
I'd be scared of a guy who says "it's never a bad time".... I definitely want my guy to have a life!

Karen ~ wildlucky4me ~

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Tue, 07-18-2006 - 9:44pm
um that doesn't sound like smothering and him always being available... it sounds flirty to me, period. from my experience...men love witty comebacks and flirty comments.