Internet dating luck

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Internet dating luck
Sun, 11-22-2009 - 4:29pm

Went out last night w/ my former SIL. She got div. about 10 yrs ago & really didn't date at all--she waited til her kids grew up. Well now they are both over 12 and on their own, so she tells me she decided to try OLD. She said she would join for one month to see how it went. So she has been on for one week and Fri she went on her first meet & she actually liked the guy. She has a really good attitude about it--she said even if he didn't call back, he was nice & she had a good time, so it was a good experience. I told her she was really lucky to meet a good guy the first time based on everyone else's experience (and my experience when I did OLD 10 yrs ago).

The 2 dates she had this year which were fix-ups by friends turned out to be terrible. One guy was still bitter against all women cause his ex cheated on him--so why bother even dating? The next guy she said he suggested going to a Mexican restaurant, then when the waiter came to ask about drinks, he said "we'll have water." Then my SIL said "I'll have a Coke." She was afraid to order a Margarita. If he didn't want to spend money, just in case the date wasn't fun, then why not just go for coffee or a drink? IDK, guys are clueless sometimes.