Matchmaking that didn't work?

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Matchmaking that didn't work?
Fri, 11-06-2009 - 8:20am


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Fri, 11-06-2009 - 7:52pm

Kurt sounds like the kind of guy who can get any girl he wants, what w/ his looks & qualifications, so he isn't willing to "settle" for a woman who might be nice but isn't physically perfect. You can't really call him a jerk because physical attraction has to be there for a relationship to really work out and people have their own preferences--some guys only like really thin girls while some don't mind a little extra weight. As someone who has the extra weight myself, I can tell you that my 2nd DH didn't care at all--in fact he was always telling me how sexy I was, how beautiful I was, etc. Now objectively I wouldn't say I am beautiful, but my point is that if your friend wants to lose weight, she can do it, but it has to be because she wants to for herself, not just to get a guy. I joined a gym this summer because I didn't feel that great, my pants were getting tight & I refuse to buy a bigger size and I just needed the exercise, so that's fine. If she is ashamed by her teeth, she could get them straightened or whitened, but Kurt still might not have liked her w/ straight teeth. I just think you should stay out of it, but it was nice of you to try to set up your friend.

Here's a funny story--when my cousin was in her early 20's she got invited to a party by a coworker who had a guy she wanted my cousin to meet. Instead, my cousin met another guy at this party who the coworker had known from her home state. She never thought of this guy for my cousin and now they have been married for over 25 yrs.

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Sun, 11-08-2009 - 7:37pm

I would want to know if it were me, so I'd tell her, *if* I thought she shared my views on things like that.