My weave or him

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My weave or him
Thu, 10-17-2013 - 7:35pm

I have continued seeing the asian guy.... as friends. I have always wore a sew in weave, which is my real hair braided and tracks with hair sown to my real hair. I love single braids but my real hair is too long.The reason for the sew-in hair is I wanted something quick less maintenance and cheap.

One night after hanging out he texted me that me having other people hair is creepy. He has never said anything about this before. I told him we have been going out together for 3 months, my hairstyles have changed and you never said you didnt like it. I explained to him Im not changing my hairstyles for anyone. We are suppose to hang out next week, Im so pissed whats the point of seeing him. He gets compliments from guys about how good I look when we go out, he loves the attention and holds my hand.

He says he made a mistake with his words and  wants to talk further about it when we hangout next week, but I think to cut it off with him. Am I being over dramatic??