New but need to vent...

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New but need to vent...
Wed, 07-05-2006 - 11:17pm

Okay - so I'm new into the dating world after a seven year relationship, which I don't think is that long but long enough to be so frustrated with dating already.

I've heard of the whole myth of guys saying they'll call and not calling but never experienced it, that is, until now. What is the general reasoning for this behavoir? It is an age old complaint so there must be an age old answer to it - what is it?! It is very frustrating and makes me think the guy is just not that into me, and that sucks b/c I'm really into him.

I guess I kind of feel rejected and it hurts. Should I forget him and move on? Should I just give it time? I'm thinking he's only looking at me as some sort of friends with benefits thing. I asked him once if I was wasting my time and he said no I wasn't. Maybe I'm being too available to him - should I play a little more hard to get? All I do is think about him, though, he's just captivated me so much. But maybe it's just the whole rebound thing - but it doesn't feel that way.

But here's the whole kicker that puts a different spin on the story - I'm not 100% divorced yet and I think that weirds him out and keeps him distant from me. Maybe that's a good thing b/c it's so soon after the end of my marriage. Not that it's a big deal to me - my marriage was over long ago, just soon it will be legally over. I don't know - I just know I'm going crazy and afraid that I won't meet another guy like him who gives me such butterflies in my stomach when he's near.

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Thu, 07-06-2006 - 10:38pm

Yep... being unavailable is something that will get them thinking.... about YOU!

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