Tension ? Does he feel it too?

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Tension ? Does he feel it too?
Fri, 07-20-2012 - 8:42pm
Hello all.

I have a
Scenario here Which I'm hoping you all could help.
I like this guy I'm 28 and he's 29. People think we flirt and that there's chemistry. We work together and we both are aware that we both can trust each other when it comes to our jobs. We have similar goals career wise In life. We're both educated , attractive people. With that being said..is it safe to assume based on the following that there is something "going on between us?"

1) we've brushed arms and fingers, even feet once before .. Most the time neither one of us has flinched
2) his body language is 90% open towards me (torso faces me in a group, feet pointed at me, etc)
3) we maintain eye contact and sometimes were standing quite close when we do so I get this nervous feeling when we do.. Sometimes his eyes widen when his head his tilted down but looks up at me with his eyes on mine.. I almost feel like he's trying to tell me something there... Yesterday when he turned around, to look at something I saw his eyes stop at me first from corner of
My eyes...
4) he teases me , and about once a week we bicker fight to which other people claim they are entertained and make comments like "oh no they're fighting again" And then we do it more.. Sometimes getting intense!
We both know it's joking though...He teases other ppl too but he doesn't bicker fight with others...
7)he likes to think he's right... All the time.. When I prove him wrong he blushes and admits it. And he high fives me ... Idk why??? Once he even lowered his head and torso in defeat
8) we help each other out.. We both know the other has lots to do so we try to help each other when we can.. He does things for me that I didn't even know was my responsibility until I questioned it once.. He said he knows I have a lot on my plate...
9) he's my work partner and our styles are 95% same in the way we do things... We mostly find ourselves agreeing to ideas the other suggests

Anyway it's hard to believe there is NO attraction....
Sometimes he'll smile at me and he's red.. But he naturally turns red when he gets excited or angry so idk..
Thanks for reading !! Sorry so long!!
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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 11:15am
I can appreciate that you do not want to let the genie completely out of the bottle by officially asking him out on a date. I was thinking just simply dropping a suggestion that would he like to grab a coffee or a tea with you. Something very simple and low key. Just say im going for a coffee if you'd like to come with me. Coffee seems less risky than inviting him for lunch. If he says no thanks to the coffee, then nothing lost, no reason for any awkwardness.