umm.. some help here..

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umm.. some help here..
Sat, 07-22-2006 - 12:26am

Its been over a year since I have been on a date.. And with all honestly, I use to do a really bad job of dating. Anyway, I finally know what I need and expect from a man. So I met this guy at church about a month ago and we've been talking everyday ever since the day we exchanged numbers. He is a really awesome guy :) But I am confused as to whether I am overreacting or not... He has been really burned out from such a busy schedule... so we haven't talked since Wednesday this week. I know its been only 2 days, but it just seems really weird.. Then again, it might be because I really like this guy.

But I already left a voicemail telling him if he doesn't want me to call him anymore to just let me know. My intention was to make sure he knew that he is not obligated to call me.. I think I am really upset that he hasn't called... should I be? Or should I wait for him to call me when he is ready? Afterall..maybe he is really stressed and exhausted..


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Sat, 07-22-2006 - 11:50am

Coming from a guy who has had work that has taken a lot of of me, I sometimes need to withdraw from the world to recharge. This means not wanting to talk to anyone and just zone out on a movie or TV.

I would recommend you focus on something else, let go and breath.


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Sat, 07-22-2006 - 1:32pm
Thank you for your sound advice. I think I was troubled because I really have never been in this situation before. I appreciate the time you have taken to make me feel better. Thanks :)
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Sat, 07-22-2006 - 2:39pm

Well..... I think it's just part of the female nature to be checking in on a nurturing basis (like, if you're too tired to talk tonight just tell me... quickly... and I'll be on my way, but don't just leave me hanging... and wondering.... if you've shifted gears and passed me by... because I'm a woman, my brain is wired that way.... and that's what I'd do if it was me).

Guys are different... and do sometimes take that space and think nothing of it.

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