What questions to ask?

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What questions to ask?
Tue, 07-25-2006 - 12:08am

Hi everyone!
I met this guy and he called last week and we talked for half an hour. I'm thinking about calling him back in a couple of days but I don't know what questions to ask. I'm 19 and I've never done this before. He is 14 years older than me so I wouldn't date him, but I would like to be friends. So any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Tue, 07-25-2006 - 8:40pm
Hi there!
Just be very clear that you just want to be friends when you do talk to him. Usually conversations move along on their own. How's his job? What kind of food does he like? Has he traveled? If so, where has he been? I'm sure some good stories are bound to show themselves!
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Sun, 07-30-2006 - 5:14pm
Hi Anslei... the first order of conversation would be..... validating to him that you're just looking for a friend!

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