where to take a girl on a date

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where to take a girl on a date
Sun, 11-22-2009 - 2:49pm


I've just started dating this girl

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Sun, 11-22-2009 - 4:03pm

Ice skating sounds good. You must be in a chilly climate. I love walking and hiking. A good movie is fun, if you like discussing motivation and such afterward.

Wine tasting, I love it! Doesn't have to be great stuff. A cooking demo.

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Sun, 11-22-2009 - 4:19pm
I think it depends a lot on how old you are and what kind of things she likes to do. By now you should have some idea of her interests, if not at least ask her if she has any ideas--when I get bored of doing the same old things, I look in the local paper to see what special events are planned and now that it's getting closer to the holidays there should be some. Skating is good, skiing or snow tubing (when there is snow). Personally I enjoy art museums but where I live we also have a great science museum & aquarium. Some places have those IMAX movies. Or you could go to a play--if you don't have much money you could look for community theater or a college play.
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Sun, 11-22-2009 - 9:24pm

How about cooking/baking together...something simple or if the two of you are adventurous or at least have good sense of humor, maybe something new for both of you.

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Mon, 11-23-2009 - 3:44pm
A guy asked me out rollerskating once. We never wound up going because he had started dating someone else around the same time and it was going well, and then we had a bunch of scheduling problems so I decided it wasn't really worth it. But I had really wanted to go. It sounded fun.
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Tue, 11-24-2009 - 11:04am
I agree ice skating would be great. I like to go for walks, especially in interesting areas with a lot of architecture to look at. I would also say a trail in a park, but not sure if she feels comfortable yet being alone and isolated in the woods with you. :)
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Wed, 11-25-2009 - 3:14pm

It's really nice of you to want to do something new and different with your girl!