why does he behave this way ? so consfused

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why does he behave this way ? so consfused
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 10:06am

I am going to make this as short as possible.

I've known this guy for about 6 months now.. We flirt - or at least I think this is flirting-- he brushes up against me, fingers sometime touch when we hand each other things, he stands close to me to a point where his clothing may touch mine and I don't move, we argue (talk in loud voices to show each other up), and we always make eye contact when we talk. One of my friends tells me "you guys flirt all the time" He even tells us to "behave" b/c we argue a lot.

For some reason he thinks highly of me. It's kinda weird because ppl think highly of him so for him to think that I'm "above" him confuses me. I don't feel like I'm out of his league or anything. He compliments me on my character and how intelligent I am (never tells me I'm pretty or I look nice, yet i am pretty and attractive, other people say so even when he is around--sorry I don't mean to sound conceited). He's intelligent too.

He teases me, rolls his eyes at me sometimes when I do something dumb. Once he saved somthing for me that he thought I might like. I was thrown aback and I didn't know if he was serious or just joking so I played it off like "what would make u think I'd like this" I did like it I was just surprised and nervous I din't know what to say.

We get along very well. We're kinda the same person so we understand each other. When I am upset he will tell me not to worry it will be okay and he stands up for me if someone tells me something. I can go to him and tell him things and he can come to me too.

If another guy is talking to me (depending on who it is), he may come up to us and join the convo or tell me he has to talk to me so the other guy leaves.

He's gotten angry a couple of times when I was angry with him and wasn't talking to him. Even if he thinks I might be upset with him he will casually come up to me to ask me a question just to see how I respond.

One of my friends and kinda his friend too were talking and they were talking about the girls that they think are hot (and my name was not mentioned-- even though actually this friend of mine thinks I'm hot but he didn't say anything about me either). It kinda hurt because I just don't understand why he wouldn't mention me if he behaves this way. It really crushed me. He doesn't know these girls well at all. Is it safe to assume he doesn't like me if he didn't tell my friend that he thinks I'm hot?  Anyway, whatdya all think? Thanks