Asian girl on match

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Asian girl on match
Thu, 07-03-2014 - 7:47pm

Hi People, 

I am an Asian woman who recently got on - its been less then a week. I live in a city/area which is not really known for ethnic variety - it is a predominantly Caucasian population and so are the folks on (since I am looking locally). I am getting hits from men that I don't particularly think fit my idea of a date (way older/single fathers... etc) and those that I think might - have not responded to my mails. I have to say that its been less then a week but I am not happy with what I see. 

I wonder if Caucasians like to date Asians... or is it just me... or is it the conservative area I live in.... or... oh, I don't know - give it some more time. My friends at work met their BFs/ hubands on match - all of them Caucasian... :-) Have I made a big fat mistake by buying a subscription on match? 

Any ideas....