Did I just get played?

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Did I just get played?
Sun, 06-08-2014 - 11:40pm

Back in September 2012 this guy and I started messaging each other on this gothic industrial website, and planned to meet that same month.

When the day of us meeting arrived he stood me up. I cut ties with him and moved on. Now 2 years later he appears on that same site again and messages me.

I didn't remember who he was at first then realized after seeing his photos. We talked and I told him how upset I was about him standing me up on our first date.

He claims his cell phone broke the night before and he had no way of contacting me. Which I say is BS. He had a PC, he could have written my phone number down, he could have borrowed someone else's phone.

He says sorry and we continue chatting then video chatted on Skype he then says Skype killed his PC so he couldn't talk to me anymore for yesturday.

Today arrives and we chat on Skype and are trying to re-get to know each other and he comes out with this....

[5:11:16 PM] Napy: Hey

[7:29:45 PM] Tyler: Hey there!

[7:30:05 PM] Napy: how are you?

[7:30:53 PM] Tyler: I'm doing well, and you?

[7:31:14 PM] Napy: I am fine

[7:32:29 PM] Tyler: What's up?

[7:32:52 PM] Napy: not much just chilling how about you?

[7:35:46 PM] Tyler: Same.

[7:36:18 PM] Napy: Oh cool

[7:36:44 PM] Napy: so where do you live? do you work, drive? live on your own or with family or friends or roommates?

[7:39:14 PM] Tyler: Why do you ask?

[7:41:57 PM] Napy: becuz I am trying to get to know you again?

[7:42:05 PM] Napy: isn't that the point of dating you get to know each other?

[7:43:40 PM] Tyler: Sorry if I sounded confrontational. I didn't mean it to come out rude.

[7:43:50 PM] Tyler: I live in DTLA and live with roommates.

[7:45:07 PM] Napy: 0k

[7:46:12 PM] Tyler: What about you beautiful? Feels like forever since we've talked.

[7:46:28 PM] Napy: I live at home with my parents

[7:47:05 PM] Tyler: Oh cool.

[7:47:57 PM] Napy: yeah

[7:48:35 PM] Napy: what do you do for fun?

[7:49:21 PM] Tyler: I like to go to shows, museums, art galleries. That kind of stuff. Or just stay home and cuddle ;3

[7:49:29 PM] Tyler: But I think everyone likes that.

[7:49:39 PM] Napy: lol

[7:50:39 PM] Tyler: And you?

[7:51:39 PM] Napy: go to concerts, the mall, shop, go to the park and for walks, go to the movies, watch TV, play video games, sports, etc.

[7:52:11 PM] Tyler: Fun stuff, I like pretty much all those things, except sports, lol.

[7:52:33 PM] Napy: lol

[7:53:23 PM] Tyler: So you mentioned earlier about dating, you want to date me then?

[7:54:34 PM] Napy: perhaps if we continue to get to know each other and see where it goes we can meet/go on our first date

[7:55:06 PM] Tyler: Well how long has it been that we last talked?

[7:55:15 PM] Tyler: It's been a while hasn't it.

[7:56:35 PM] Napy: yes

[7:56:42 PM] Napy: but I forgot everything we talked about

[7:56:59 PM] Napy: and last time we talked was in 2012 when we were suppose to meet

[7:58:37 PM] Tyler: Ah, yeah. I remember. Sorry about that.

[7:58:53 PM] Tyler: [B]Well you should know that I have a girlfriend now, actually a fiancé.[/B]

[7:59:17 PM] Tyler: [B]So unless you want to be in a poly relationship I don't think it's going to work out.[/B]

[8:00:40 PM] Napy: then why did you tell me yesturday on VampireFreaks that you wanted me to give you another chance and want to date?

[8:04:36 PM] Tyler: What?

[8:05:34 PM] Napy: yesturday on VampireFreaks.com under your username DM90 - you instant messaged me telling me you wanted us to date and to give you another chance. You kept saying sorry about when you stood me up when we were suppose to meet in September 2012.

[8:12:19 PM] Tyler: I don't think so.

So in the end he denies ever talking to me on the gothic industrial website at all and says he has a GIRLFRIEND and she is his fiance! Why did this guy do this to me?