Wait or contact ?

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Wait or contact ?
Tue, 07-08-2014 - 12:49am

I hope you all still remember my previous discussion "Am I being to rushy" about my date who fell asleep when we supposed to go out.  He has never stood me up after that happened.  

I start to like this guy and see him as potential BF, not just a casual/time passer date.   But I don't really know his feeling, where he wants this thing to go.  I guess I will just enjoy it at the moment.  I have known him since early May through online.  We have been seeing each other regularly at least once/twice a week (date night at weekend or sleepover during weekday) keeping in touch sometimes everyday or every 2/3 days.  

The last time we met (for weekday DVD watching and sleepover) is on wednesday night, meaning we say bye bye chat later on Thursday morning to go to work.   He got an uncle and family visiting from abroad that Thursday afternoon for a week.  Well, since that day until now (5 days), he never contact me, not even a "hi, are you still alive" message he sometimes sent me.

Usually, he initiates contacts more than me, but during the last time we met, I initiated the last 2 contacts until that bye bye day.

I wonder should I contact him first or just wait until he contact me again.  He might be busy spending time with his uncle, also taking his kids to see his uncle while they're here.  But I know he is not the type of shy guy, meaning he will contact when he wants to.

I really want to contact him, but considering that I initiated the last 2 contacts and I need to know if he still wants to see me, I feel reluctant.  

Opinios will be much appreciated.