am i a commitment phobe??

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am i a commitment phobe??
Sun, 04-19-2009 - 5:36pm

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Mon, 04-20-2009 - 5:07pm

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Tue, 04-21-2009 - 2:01pm - Childfree Board

There is also the possibility of not having kids. It's not for everyone.

Or, he could be stay at home dad & you could work. That's becoming popular too.

Otherwise, do you ever feel like a perfectionist? Some comments about being a perfectionist & fear of failure & not being able to finish projects have hit home with me. That you want everything to go right, so it's hard to get going. I know I stand in my own way sometimes, trying to see how it will go, before making decisions, & fearing the "wrong" way.

So I'm trying to recognize it & take steps. Little things, like don't keep thoughts in. No one wants to be rejected, so if I was afraid of telling someone how I feel about them, how does that make them feel. Isolated. So it would make us both little islands waiting for the other to reach out.

Also, he could be just the wrong guy. They can seem great & would be good for you ... if only you liked him more. But you can't force it, or you will be in the miserable spot.

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