Am I Crazy?

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Am I Crazy?
Thu, 07-15-2010 - 3:04am

Ok I guess I just need some advice, I met this guy 17 years ago he was married to

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Thu, 07-15-2010 - 1:43pm

Hi there,

So 17years ago, you and John had an affair while he was married.

Then during those 17 years you dated Steve and Paul - seven years apart from each other.

Then 7 years ago (not sure here), you are in a bar and ran into John's friends and learned that he's now divorce.

Well I guess if you are officially single and he's officially single, there's no harm in finding him. But you only new he was single 7 years ago when you saw the friends in the bar, right?

But are you doing it to just find out if he really like you 17 years ago? That's kind of not a great reason alone.

I guess I'm not big on contacting old flames, especially old flames from that long ago. Too much time has passed. Especially the kind of men that have affairs on their wives.