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Tue, 04-21-2009 - 5:05am

Okay so I'm confused as ever and have no idea what to do at this point. I've been dating, seeing this particular guy for about four months now. We've been on a bunch of dates, and

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Tue, 04-21-2009 - 2:11pm

Atleast bring it up

Something like ... "when I'm seeing someone I like to be exclusive, if we were to be intimate, I'd like to know neither of us would be with anyone else, what do you think?"

If you want to be having sex, better to be talking about it some what beforehand. Where, when, who will bring the protection. Instead of just stumbling blindly into & hoping for the best.

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Welcome to the board!

<> The only way to avoid this, Harley, is to ask him and be straightforward about it. Do you really want to be constantly wondering where this is going or if this is going to turn into anything?

He could be just taking it slow, or shy. It has been awhile since he has had a gf and he is

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Thu, 04-23-2009 - 8:16pm

I agree with everyone need to somehow broach the subject.

Three months into my relationship...I was confused...and I was "falling" in love and didn't want to be hurt (or foolish, or the only one in LOVE) I had to ask.....I said this.....

This relationship is confusing me....I want a relationship and I need a relationship that is exclusive...I need to know if we are considered "exclusive"?