is he interested in me?

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is he interested in me?
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 9:56pm

Hello All!

There is a guy that I like. We flirt --or so i think-- eye contact, touching indirectly, smiling, etc.... People think that we should date since we "act like we're married" sometimes.... Anytime we fight the person in the wrong does apologize and we are fine after.. Just recently he was having a bad day and so was I and he snapped at me.. and later on he was saying how he didn't understand why I am letting a certain situation get to me and I said I'm sorry I'm just having a bad day and he said "and I know it didn't help that I snapped at you.." I didn't say anything but later he apologized for snapping at me... We don't fight THAT often (once or twice a month?) ...

Anyway, recently I was talking about my family and how my dad loves to annoy me. And I was telling the guy I like a story about how my dad said something that was exactly the same thing he told me... and then he looks at me and his face just lights up and he says "sounds like me and your dad would get along"... I couldn't help but blush and say "yes, I guess you would, unfortunately." And then another time we were talking he was making fun of me cuz I had looked like I had just gotten outta bed... I was a little self conscious about it but then he kept saying "I think you look fine..." and then a week later he was like "just make sure u don't look like how you did that one day..." and i got mad and then again he started laughing saying "you looked fine, not alot of people can get away without wearing makeup but you can..." then he asks "you don't wear makeup, right?" I'm like no just eyeliner and lip gloss..... idk if he was trying to compliment me or what.. it was kinda funny, because he is quite a confident guy but idk if he was nervous or what... Anyway, what do you think? Thanks