Heartbroken-Part II

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Heartbroken-Part II
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 10:01am

Hi All,

I posted this on another board, and I just wanted another opinion. So,here goes. My ex and I lost our virginity to each other about a year ago. We broke up after 2 months because he wanted to concentrate on school,so he said. We both dated other people during the year and I tried to get him back twice. We have remained in contact,off and on. I would text him when my relationships didn't work and we would talk about it. Now,after my most recent failed relationship,he started texting ME. He started out texting me once a week,then it was every 2 days.I was starting to think he wanted to get back together,but I found out that he had a gf. He never told me this. Why would he text me all day and night if he has a gf? He even texted me when he was at a concert with her. When he texted me,he would talk about how we used to be and that he wanted to hang out--as friends. But when we did get together he was being affectionate with me,like I was his gf. He wanted to have sex with me and I told him no because he had a gf. Also, he has been acting jealous when I told him about going to the clubs. He wants to know if I got any numbers and he would text me while I was there. What is he doing? The last time we texted he told me he loved me and he was glad we could be friends. I told him that I couldn't be friends with him because I would always want more. All he said was Aw:smileysad:. I told him we had to let each other go since we would not be getting back together. He did not reply and I haven't heard from him since. What is going on? All I wanted was a 2nd chance with him. Have I lost him for good? 

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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 11:12am


'What is he doing?'

Being a slave to his rampant  libido, I would guess. Seriously, we're talking about a 18-19 y old boy? Well, he's just trying to have sex with as many girls as he possibly can, which at his age is very understandable. Don't plan on growing old with him would be my advise to you. There'll be plenty more for you, and for him too. Have fun with it all - you've got your whole life ahead of you.