He's 5 years younger, is he into me??

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He's 5 years younger, is he into me??
Sat, 04-04-2009 - 7:34pm
I've worked with this guy for about three years now...he is 20 now and I am 25. The last year or so we've been flirting non stop. He's really nice and always is doing things at work to make things easier for me.
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Sun, 04-05-2009 - 12:17pm

I dont think the difference between 20 and 25 is all that huge.

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Tue, 04-07-2009 - 9:45am


Welcome to the board!It seems to me that he is interested in you, but the whole situation doesn't make for a good dating scenario. He may be alittle apprehensive about the situation since you guys work together, and I think that is admirable. It shows responsibility on his part since he is thinking of the consequences for his actions. The truth is, he may not ever pursue it since you guys work together. Or he could be taking this time to get a feel of the situation and see if you are interested and if it has a chance to work.

TBH, if you don't say something, you may never know. And you will always be going over the thoughts in your mind and overanalyzing every situation. How about inviting out for some coffee, or a bite to eat? Something casual, and if he declines, you can save face. I'm interested in seeing how this goes. Please keep us posted!