should i tell my ex i still have feeling

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should i tell my ex i still have feeling
Tue, 02-23-2010 - 10:11am
i broke up with my ex over two years ago - there were family disapprovals which is why we broke up. in the end he broke up with me - he was always more into the relationship than i was and was always telling me he loved me which i couldnt handle at the time as i was afraid of commitment.
i didnt want to break up with him, but in the end was just too hard for us to be together.
i dated someone else right after but i still thought about my ex all the time while with the other guy. my ex and i have been meeting on and off over the past 6 months for lunch, cinema, dinner etc ... on a purely platonic basis. i found out (not from him - he neglected to tell me) that he has a girlfriend now - i am not sure how long they have been together or how serious it is - it started off long distance and now i think they live in the same town. i have no idea how serious it is.
i sometimes get the feeling though that there is something there between us.

i havent met anyone i want to be with as much as him since we broke up, in fact i havent really connected with anyone at all since then, which is unusual for me.

i dont know whether to lay my cards on the table and tell him how i feel, or is it fair when he is dating someone else?
also i am terrified he doesnt feel the same or want us to re-unite - of making a fool of myself. he is a family friend and so i will bump into him from time to time, so there is a lot at stake !
my gut tells me that i should leave it, but my heart tells me not to - as i might regret it,

any suggestions would be great - or similar stories

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Tue, 02-23-2010 - 7:17pm
I would tell him what you heard about the other girl first and find out what the real story is from him. If he is with somebody else, then no, it is not fair to tell him how you feel. You made your choice to let the relationship end two years ago. If he has moved on and found somebody new, then now is not the time to try to rekindle things. You may just have to accept that it is too late for second chances.