Totally confused

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Totally confused
Sun, 11-15-2009 - 8:09pm
So I've been dating this guy for about 6 weeks, we met for coffee first date and talked for a couple hours, nothing major, no physical attraction, but a really nice guy.
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Sun, 11-15-2009 - 9:29pm

Well.. It's still pretty soon after what I'll call a "tragedy" for him. Tragedy as in something that had a really devastating effect on his life. It's really a crapshoot how things turn out between you two, clearly he isn't quite ready to trust his heart with another woman. If I were in your position, I would make an attempt not to get totally invested in this guy - Maybe even to the point of still dating others. If you feel like a booty call then you should stop having sex, or at least not have sex every time you see one another. Giving him sex when he's confused about what he wants isn't going to make things any easier for you in the context of gauging his interest in you.

It's important to remember though that he isn't ready. It's going to be a while before he is. That may or may not make him a bad prospect for you in particular.

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Tue, 11-17-2009 - 12:29pm


Welcome! Thirty years is along time to be married to someone. Let alone