Walking away...

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Walking away...
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 5:04am

Hi all,

I have been dating this guy for quite sometime, we are in a long distance relationship.

We live in different countries, he is in Europe while I am in Asia.

We text each other everyday, skype at least once a week.

Recently, he started to sending me photos of him all the time, telling me how much he misses me. He would send photos to show me what he is doing, how he is doing. It seems that things are kind of going very fast, I must say I was a little overwhelmed.

About two weeks ago, he went to see his friends and that's when he started to act a bit different, distant although we still talked everyday. You know when a woman feels something, it is something!

So the other day, he texted me and asked if I am dating someone else. I said no and asked him if he was. He said no but he said he is confused about everything. He said his friends are getting divorced (4 of them all at the same time) and he is wondering if getting married is the right thing.

We have talked about marriage before - he says our relationship is very special, but I thought we are still in dating phase - so when he said that to me I was so confused. I have never pressured him into anything. He simply said he is not ready ask yet.

So I am very confused. One thing I know for sure is though - when he says he is not ready, he is not. I will not push him in any way.  Maybe he met someone new? I don't know. He says he misses me very much and wishes to be with me. Talk about confusing!!

I told him I would not be around waiting for him. He says he fully understands that and knows he will regret of letting me go if I ever walk away. I told him maybe it is for the best that we do not talk for a while. He said he cannot do that.

I think it is very selfish of him in a way but I said fine, I still would not talk to him.

After a day of the conversation, I must say I was hurt - but I decided to put a brave face on and not contact him.  Then he texted me asking how I am doing. OK.....I did not reply.

He again texted me yesterday. I really do like him. But I feel that this is the time when I need to take my own stand - even though he texts me everyday. But my heart is aching....what do I do? I miss him very much, but I don't know waiting for someone who may not come around is the right thing.

Is he just going through his own phase that has nothing to do with me? Or is he not that into me?