which of these girls would be better for me?

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which of these girls would be better for me?
Sun, 03-20-2011 - 12:51am

I have a couple girls that I talk to and am attracted to, they both act at times as if they are attracted to me, can you help me decide which one I should go after more?
GIRL 1- I've liked her for the greater portion of the last year, she's really pretty,talkative, funny, cute, her smile makes me happy, and I consider her a great friend. We're the same age. She's a really short brunette but very attractive. Her disadvantages are that she tends to make some dumb decisions- she can't go a couple days without being all obsessed with a guy, making it difficult to know when to try to flirt with her or try to make something serious. Also, she seems to drink a lot and is kind of into the party scene. She is usually a hard worker but her grades are just average (Bs and a couple of As)
GIRL 2- I just met her in my class in January, she's one of the most beautiful girls in my school, and she's extremely nice and considerate, although she tends to be shy most of the time, just as I am, and she's a very girly girl, so usually we just talk about school. She's a year younger than me. She's very attractive, about 5'6 with beautiful skin, blonde hair, and amazing boobs and butt. She's very smart and gets good grades and seems to be very responsible in her decision-making

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Sun, 03-20-2011 - 5:55pm

Well to start off, I'm not sure anyone here cares about what these girls look like physically (I sure as hell don't care which girl has the more amazing boobs or butt, it wouldn't make any difference on who is a better match with you)

Normally I'd advise going for someone you already have a friendship with (it indicates that you have a good chance at getting along with her as a couple) but if girl 1 is obsessed with a new guy every day, I highly doubt she seriously returns your interest.

Speaking objectively, girl 2 in this scenario actually seems like a better choice. If you don't respect a woman's decision-making then it would be pointless to bother with her. Besides, you seem to be more genuinely interested in her.

You're not in high school, right?

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Sun, 03-20-2011 - 7:25pm

As usual, Crab has made a number of good points.

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Tue, 03-22-2011 - 10:57am

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