AAAAHHHHHH, He is driving me crazy

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AAAAHHHHHH, He is driving me crazy
Tue, 07-08-2003 - 1:20am
Good Evening Everyone -

A friend of mine named Patrick flew into town on Friday and he will be up here for the summer, splitting his time between my place and his uncles place. Patrick is just a great friend of mine who is an old fire fighting buddy of mine!!! Anyway, to the part that is driving me crazy...Steve knew that Patrick was coming into town. Steve and I talk on the phone usually twice a day. Well, with him knowing that Patrick was in town he called me every hour on my cell phone on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He kept leaving me messages like "What are you made at me...not returning my phone calls." It was just crazy and then when I finally talked to him he was mad that I didn't return his calls. I told him that I was just hanging out with my friend and his uncle and aunt. And he got all crazy on me like, "what, you don't love me anymore, what are you going to sleep with him, are you going to leave me for him." I kept telling him that that wouldn not happen. My friend is up here to get away from some problems that happened in California and he needs to be around friends that love him and care about him. Steve is just driving me nuts!!!!


Thanks for listening to me vent!!!


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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 5:51am
awwwww, Steve is just jealous over ur friend Patrick maybe he thinks u have no time for him for u not answering back his calls...& blah blah blah
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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 8:17am
RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG..... This may be me but someone that jealous is a signal. If he is incapable of understanding that and wigging out like he is over a friend oh I'd drop him like he was hot. I am so serious, I do not tolerate any one trying to hold in me in some type of shell. It just can't happen, think about it. When you settle down with someone do you want to have to lose all your friends and be his friends and friends with his friends? Not right he is giving you an indication of that now. I am sorry this is how I feel and I'd look for other signs of possesive nature.


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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 9:05am
OOOOOOOO! The green eyed monster is out of its cave!!! Well, now....mister steve has a say after all. lol Girl, dont let him drive you crazy. I think its cute. I would simply tell him, you are your own person and if he cannot handle you having male friends, then maybe he should move on. Well, I wouldnt say it mean or anything. Men get jealous over silly stuff, but just reassure him as much as possible, and let him know that if he going to act this way, then the calls will stop. He cannot tell you who to be friends with and if he cant trust you, then maybe he should re-group. He has to trust you for this relationship to work. How old is he anyway? lol I still think its cute, that he thinks you might be interested in someone else. Keep him on his toes. lol



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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 10:11am
I agree with Marie here. Every hour on the hour? Um, hullo? That screams RED FLAG. Even if Steve is "just a friend" or if he is more than that, do you really want to deal with his "crazy" behavior each time you hang out with another guy? If he can't understand that you and the other guy are just friends, gee, imagine if you were on an actual date with someone else? I hope he doesn't stalk you (oh please God no) but if he is capable of calling you so often, what would his next move be?

I am sorry -- I don't mean to scare you or freak you out here. Just heeding the warning signs that Marie and I see as potential danger to you. Please be very careful with Steve, if you still continue being his friend. Me? I'd drop him immediately but that's just me. I am not you and it isn't my decision. Please be careful! We are worried about you!

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Tue, 07-08-2003 - 11:45am
Steve sounds clingy and unstable and not at all like someone who truly cares from a perspective/mindset of health and confidence. "Caring" from a perspective of insecurity, instability and clinginess would be a huge turn off to me, too.