After a first meet

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After a first meet
Wed, 09-15-2010 - 12:07am

Suppose you go on a 1st meet with someone - you're not interested but they either ask you out again or ask what you think. Do you tell them at that time that you don't feel you'd make a good match? Or what?

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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 6:34am
I either used to tell them then or just drop an email after I thought it over overnight. Everyone was very kind and said Thanks for letting them know.
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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 9:46am

I agree with either way of telling them. At the end of the meet or the next day in an email. The important thing is to be honest and let them know. I can't stand it when you hear "I'll call you" and you never hear from them again! The unknown really starts to drag down a persons self confidence. It use to be so simple when we were kids. Boy says to girl..."Do you like me?"...and the girl would say yes or no.

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Fri, 09-17-2010 - 12:38am

I have a personal policy of giving everyone who asks me out again up to three tries before I decide they are not for me, unless I just find them horribly offensive for some reason. Most of the time if I didn't feel anything then I never hear back from them though.

Only once did someone ask what I thought, and I told him that I thought he was nice, which was the truth. I had not felt any spark on the date, but it doesn't always happen right away anyway. He didn't call back, and that was fine.

It did take 3 dates for things to click with my BF and I, but when they did click they REALLY did click.


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