asked out then nothing???

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asked out then nothing???
Tue, 07-20-2010 - 1:45am

So I finally found somebody decent and he asked me out on a date via site email. We talked schedules and so forth now five days later nothing. No idea about whether he still wants to go out, or even talk or anything. This would normally not piss me off, but he has been on the site all of those days which is fine if he's still looking and all, but is it wrong to be annoyed that he hasn't answered especially since we've been sending two emails a day for like three weeks? Not sure how I should feel....

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Thu, 07-22-2010 - 2:42pm

Sorry for your disappointment, but this is not uncommon.

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Thu, 07-22-2010 - 1:17pm

I've been in the OLD game a long time and everything these posters say is true. Sad but accurate.

That's why it's best to juggle 'em, keep those guys in the air. That way, if they ghost, they don't have far to go to become airborne.

OK, I'm reaching here, but keeping a sense of humor about OLD is essential or your brain will turn to oatmeal trying to figure out why guys don't do what they said they'd do.

I have to laugh about those guys. A while ago, I had two guys cancel Meets within a day. The "new relationship is starting" excuse, and maybe it was valid. Those two guys are back online. I took a stroll down POF-lane, just for a few minutes, and I saw them.

But I've got to stay humble. Right now I'm dating someone. But who knows, I could be back. There are no guarantees.

Oh, and btw, I wouldn't call guys who don't keep their word "gentlemen."

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Wed, 07-21-2010 - 12:58pm

This is the most frustrating thing with OLD.

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Tue, 07-20-2010 - 11:40am

It does happen. And when you see that they are still playing around on the site, it's infuriating.

He may have been decent on email, but he is not behaving decently. I would write him off because he's playing around. If you had noticed he wasn't on the site AT ALL, then it would be a different story, like something happened to him or he got busy all of a sudden. This is, to me, sort of disrespectful, so I would move on.

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Tue, 07-20-2010 - 7:13am

It's a real head scratcher...I know. IMO I would think he's still looking..probably changed his mind about meeting you but doesn't want to say anything. If you have sent other emails and he hasn't replied I would drop it.

Just out of curiosity, what site was this on and is he by chance from IN? The actions sound like a guy I had talked to.