can I just vent???

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can I just vent???
Fri, 04-12-2013 - 4:41pm


I will try not to just ramble on here but am frustrated. So I joined Match about 3 weeks ago, 25 days to be exact. Can you believe that I have had 3 guys try to pull a scam on me? That was my 1st week - wth!! Match isnt cheap but if its full of posers, I am willing to lose my money than waste my time. Then last Friday, this guy emails me, we start chatting, asked him to send me a pic in email, as I wanted to record his location (this is how I caught the would be scammers) and he seemed legit. So over the weekend, we were emailing and texting and Monday after about 10A, he goes incommunicado. So that night, I texted him and said you ok? Nada. Next morning, I log on my Yahoo messenger, I see convos from him the night before. something about having issues with his fence at home (due to high winds) and changing his number blah blah. So i was like, ok, apprently, no phone for 3 days but he can chat. Which, he really did, brought his Ipad to work and so Wed, we were planning on meeting when I am in the area, he was actually very verbal, we started talking on the phone, short talks and then was planning on talking a whloe lot more last nite. Btw, he called me in the afternoon, but I missed it, so I called him back, talked for about 10 mins, when we hung up, he texted me with an XOXO. So around 5P he texted me and said, on my way home, will call you when get in. (he commutes 2 hrs) So I was thinking he would call around 8P or 9P, rolls around, nothing, texted him no response. I hear a beep on my phone, alerts me to an email and what do you know, him stating, that he doesnt think he can push through with the online dating blah blah, its not me, its him...

What irritates me the most is, really, dude, you have to do this in email plus, mix messages?? I really do think that men are much more than girlies than we are. When I get hits on Match and I am not interested, I let them know. Now I wish the guys would do the same or stop trolling! Like how many times can you look at my pic? Just try me, say something!

Sorry, I did blabber but I needed to let this out..i dont need a prince charming, i dont need the tin man, i just want a real one! what rock are they hiding under???



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Thu, 05-23-2013 - 7:30pm

Hi KA If you meet someone online, I'd like to suggest you get to know them over Skype, Facebook or using some IM before letting your mobile number lose. This is what we recommend at Skyecandy, a place to meet guys and exchange contacts. If you've met someone online, it's better to assess them online before going mobile or offline on real dates. If someone starts stalking or asking for personal info or pics, get your guards up. Don't get me wrong. There are an insane amount of genuine guys looking to meet someone. We see a lot of them signing up. I am part of Skyecandy If you and any other genuine ladies here want to give it a go, email me at contact@skyecandy after you sign up. If someone even remotely looks like trying to scam or stalk you, let me know and we will get rid of them. We manually moderate people and profiles - but its possible that someone slips through the cracks. This also helps me. I get to see your true experience at our service, which is brilliant. Skyecandy is free and the fastest way to signup is using Facebook. Let me know .. Jameel

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Sun, 06-02-2013 - 3:12am


Yes, internet dating can be exasperating. However, I met my wife online, after kissing a lot of frogs to find my princess. She was 42 and I was 43 when she initiated contact with me. We have now been happily married 6 years.

Unfortunately, the bad experiences are unavoidable to some degree.  FYI, we men also find internet dating to be annoying, if it is any consolation. It furthermore is harder to find someone after age 40, as Floridagirl52 said here. You just have to persevere.

Not all internet dating sites are the same. Some get a more serious crowd. Also, there are smaller, more specialized sites where you might do better finding someone with common interests, values, etc. My wife and I met on a site for observant Jews. Picking the right site can lessen, but not totally eliminate, the frustration you'll experience.


Several spammers have posted in this message strand. Their posts have been up for weeks.

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Tue, 06-11-2013 - 2:18pm I went on there just to meet some cool people and chat...I am happliy in a relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years, I met him off that website. It's local people from your city and nearby. I hated match and e harmony those guys were fake.....I always reccomend my friends to this website. My boyfriend is amazing and our love continues to give it a try and don't give up on love
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Tue, 06-25-2013 - 3:10am

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