Facebook, Google, and Online Dating

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Facebook, Google, and Online Dating
Fri, 01-07-2011 - 11:27pm

I am chatting with one guy on Match, it's been a few emails, he is about 2 hours away. He gives me his name and says he is on Facebook. I check his Facebook, it's viewable, now I am starting to see a few red flags. Like he said he didn't smoke, yet his Facebook wall suggests otherwise, maybe even pot, do they think that's not smoking?

I am now thinking of how I should handle this email since he seemed different. I know you can't tell much from a person online, and maybe it's better that he's two hours away (less likely to meet).

Gosh, I was hoping he'd be one of the good guys too.

Anyone else find out surprising things about their potential match on Facebook or Google?

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Sat, 01-08-2011 - 4:56am

Google is an amazing thing. I've reported this story before on these boards: I heard from a guy on match who had a Latin phrase as a username. I innocently typed it into Google, and it turns out he is on six dating sites, one of them adult. He used the same username. So it got me thinking about other guys I'd met and another one came up on an adult dating site--he also used the same username. I know these are the same guys because they've posted photos. It's a free country, if someone wants to use an adult dating site that's their business, but personally I wouldn't want to date someone who is seeking casual hookups.

I've not discovered anything on FB about a potential guy. I'm not normally suspicious, but sometimes a little checking around is a good thing. I did have a couple of guys I met off of match friend me on FB, one I wanted to go out with, but I'm apparently in the friendzone now.

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Sat, 01-08-2011 - 5:37pm

I think it's a good thing that we have these resources to research someone who we would trust with not only our heart but our security.