Fantastic Friday

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Fantastic Friday
Fri, 07-04-2003 - 10:48am
Now I know this is a holiday but Fridays are always the best. What are things that are great about Fridays? Tell me one fantastic thing about this Friday?

I usually enjoy Fridays because it is the end of the week. Right now I am excited because Don (my ex I've mentioned) is on his way to spend the holiday with me. He will be meeting my son because he hasn't saw him since he was a baby. I am just glowing. That is whats making it so fantastic as I am not much of a romantic but tonight I will get to watch the fireworks with him outside and that just seems so grand. Well, he'll be here in a few minutes and I haven't even gotten dressed, he talked to me till he left home. But, we have a long day ahead. I will try to check in every so often but Gail may not be around if she didn't get her computer up and running. Have a great day all just in case I do not make it back.


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Fri, 07-04-2003 - 11:04am
I actually don't like Friday's as much as I used too. It seems now that I always have to work on a Saturday, so for me its not the "end of the work week." The one great thing about this Friday is that its a holiday and that means fun, family, friends and parties!!!



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Fri, 07-04-2003 - 1:38pm
parents are gone on a long weekend away.....

Fred and I have the house to ourselves, and its my day off ;)

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Fri, 07-04-2003 - 3:59pm
What do I like best about this particaler Friday. The fact that this is Independance Day!! Let us not forget the people that made this day possible. People died so that we may be free and have the freedom that we have today!!!! If you see a veteran or a current military person today...tell them thank you for helping to defend the freedom that we take for grantid sometimes!!!!

God Bless Ya


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Sat, 07-05-2003 - 11:09pm
Hey Marie, and everyone else. What I loved about this Friday, was I got my cookout going and all went perfect!! We had so much fun! The boys got so many fireworks and we almost got lit up there for a moment with a roman candle. We had a ball. Thanks for the great post Marie, and I finally got my computer up and going. It was not as hard as I thought. So, Fridays are great cause I get a break from being a moma usually. The boys go to their dad's and I get to sleep late on Saturdays. Not every weekend, but once in a while. Now, this morning, I didnt. I got up with the boys and a gf stayed over since she was too tipsy to drive. Moma dont let pals drink and drive. So, we all went to breakfast, and the boys got some toys. One each. Holiday toy so to speak. SO, we then went to my EX's pool where my gf and I, and my boys went swimming all day long. We had dinner and I made my Ex buys us all burgers. teeee heee. Free food is the best! SO, we ate and then we were so tired we are now home and IM catching up on the board. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!

Marie, you gotta post more about this Ex coming out for the holiday....ohhhhhhh. scoop! You know I love me some gossip!


Glad to be here on a weekend. I feel normal now that I have my computer. lol Weird how technology does that much for me.