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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 9:14pm
Ok, here's the deal, I put an ad up on about a month ago just to see what would happen, well, I've had 2 guys wink me and I winked them back b/c they both sounded promising. Well, the most recent one just winked me a few days ago and I did it back and I really would love to get in contact with him, he's right in my town, cute, and from his profile is perfect for me. The only problem is that I'm not a paying member and I'm guessing he isn't either, so I have no way of emailing him in order to speak further. I really want to get in touch with him though....any ideas as to what I could do??? I really don't want to shell out $25.00 just to talk to email some guy, but at this point, I'm seriously considering it.


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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 9:20am
This is an idea I came across from a guy on For his opening heading he says, I do not have subscription, send email if you want me to write back. Well I am not a paying subscriber either and I was gettung lots of emails I could not reply to. When I saw that guys profile I changed my heading to say do not have subscription, send me your email so I can write you back. Some guys cought on to what this meant, others, a lot sent me their email. The guy I recently met and really liked sent me his regular email in his first message. So it may or may not work. I am sure a lot of people would not agree with me on this, but it could help. What do you think? This way he will know why you cannot email him, and maybe he will email you, or subscribe so he can. It might save you the 25.00.


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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 10:25am
Is there not a way for you to put your email addy on your profile? I would say do it until he can contact you, then take it off. Then, wink at him again with the addy on there. Maybe he will bite. Is there no sort of messenger on there at all? Other than that, you may have to pay. (smiles) Is he worth it? Who knows? I would try the email on my profile and see if that works.