guy with job in technical security has his last name in username !!

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guy with job in technical security has his last name in username !!
Sun, 03-03-2013 - 9:18pm

part of his profile:

Currently, I'm the process of a career change from technical security to EMS.  

what does technical security mean anyway?  computers?  if not, then I apologize for assuming it is and laughing about it.  But if you read more below, he had to ask how I came up with his name!

3/3/2013 8:26:19 PM
 I'll see if I can change the name. If not, I'll close the account and create a new one. Thanks. 


ok, thanks for your time

3/3/2013 8:26:46 PM


How did you dig up my name?

3/3/2013 8:50:01 PM

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Funny, but I do always wonder.  I see guys occasionally on line where their user name is something like "JimSmith" and I think, seriously, how dumb are you to use your real name?  But one guy I was going to meet gave me his home phone no, & from there I could use reverse lookup to find out where he lived and see a picture of his house--good thing I'm not a stalker.  I don't think he was that used to using the internet.