guy serious about losing phone & wallet often

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guy serious about losing phone & wallet often
Sun, 01-12-2014 - 1:31pm

look at this guy's profile. First of all the site gives us tips on what to write about, like goals and aspirations and what makes us unique.  I assumed he was joking about the phone and wallet part, so when I emailed him back, I mentioned it was funny and he said he was serious.  I have never known a guy so careless!!!  He seems very nice.  I hope if we start dating that he doesn't lose anything of mine that I lend him.

I hate this part b/c there is NO way my personality could ever really stand out through this..I live in New York City and if you met me on the street or at Starbucks I wouldnt be telling you my goals and aspirations after the first 5 minutes..And I wouldnt expect you to ask me what makes me unique...If I had to answer that question about how unique I am I would tell you that I lose 5 cell phones a year , my wallet twice a year and my house keys every other week..Otherwise Im pretty normal All I can say to this is that I am NOT a boring person...I blend in with everyone and I know how to swim !

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Of COURSE he's serious.  He is JUST like my ADD dd.  One Xmas we got both our dds Ipods.  On one we inscribed, "To our little peanut".  On the other we wrote "Don't lose this".  Another time, she called to say she had missed a 3rd pdoc visit, and they were charging her $100/missed appt.  She said, "I'm seeing this doc because I forget things, and then they PUNISH me for forgetting!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???"

My dd turned up an a date with notes written up and down her arm.  When the guy asked why she didn't write her notes on paper, she said "Paper, I can lose.  This (wagging arm) I can't."  After a beat he said, "Don't you WASH???"  Needless to say, there was no second date.   It takes a special person to put up with an ADDer, and she did find someone who values her other qualities more than he is frustrated by her disorder.  Right now, that is a TALL order, because she is PG, and cannot take her meds--which she has been on for 18 years--when she remembers to fill and take them.  It is a CONSTANT struggle, for both of them. 

This guy is letting all potential dates know that this is how he is.  Besides his phone and wallet, he probably has a hard time hanging on to jobs and girlfriends.  Be advised.

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Mon, 01-13-2014 - 11:17am

My exh probably had adult ADD but it was never diagnosed.  He did have short term memory problems, maybe due to bipolar disorder, the medications he was taking for it.  But he could watch the same movie over and over and not remember that he had seen it before, never mind the plot!  So he decided to get a little memo pad to carry around to write down notes so he wouldn't forget stuff, but then he forgot to take the pad.

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Guy often arenot that serious about losing those things than losing gf. Many persons start new relationships with online dating and become more serious after being in some relationships.