Hangovers are just wrong!!!

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Hangovers are just wrong!!!
Fri, 08-01-2003 - 9:21am
OK, so what about me sitting here at work, with a hangover. After three cups of joe, and two asprin. Still......my head is about to come off my shoulders. Why? arghhh! Tequilla. On a work night no doubt. With my best friend. Here I go, trying to be all free and drink some margeritas....which I might add I have not had in forever. I do not drink half as much as I used to. For one, now that I have my own place, I cannot afford it. For two, I do not have the energy anymore. It takes so much out of my body when I do. Now, I have a hangover after only 3 margeritas. Ok, so its not cool...and I just wanna lay down. I wanna go home right now and sleep all day. Then, I will feel better. See, when I was young that is what I did. I had a 2nd shift job and I drank at night, partied, and slept all day and got up in time to go to work by 2. Now, I have to get up with the freakin chickens and my head is about to explode. lol

Help me! lol

NO, really. It is not too bad, but I still feel drunk I am so hungover. Not cool. Then, I mumbled the words, while I rolled out of bed, I will never drink again. I think I have said that at least 1000 times. Now, here I am with yet another hangover. lol Last one I had was like.....back when I was married. Maybe over a year or two ago. Lord. Never, never, never again. This is my lesson. My punishment for thinking I could still hang with the big dogs. These young people can have all the alcohol. I dont want it. I cant handle it. ARGHHHH! I wanna go home.


(rambling coherently)

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Fri, 08-01-2003 - 9:57am
Poor Gail... Hope the aspirin kicks in soon.

I haven't had a drink in probably 20 years. I never liked drinking, and at most I would have only had a glass of white wine - and it would have taken me all evening to drink that. But when I was married, I was just trying to be socialable, I didn't enjoy drinking at all.

So I worry about drinking now - it would probably hit me awfully hard! {smile}

Anyhow, I hope you feel better soon...

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Fri, 08-01-2003 - 11:09pm
Awww Gail, hope ya feelin' better..hik...It's hard havin a gud time & got some hangover and still ya need to work..

I haven't drank all my life, except for one time my bro hosted a small party at his house, there's a redwine and i started to sip and sip i didn't noticed i finished a full glass. Im not used to drinking and oh boy it hit me that it gave me a super headache the next day that i swear i will not drink again..hik hik..:)

Those younger ppl are just good in drinkin can spend the whole nite dancing and getting drunk, not good though if they get in trouble. Just not my cup of tea or am i just gettin old? lol..