Has anyone ever

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Has anyone ever
Tue, 09-30-2003 - 7:31pm

run a background check on anyone they met on the internet?

I've been reading a lot about safety and wondered what other's thought about this type of information. Has anyone ever looked into anyone's background?

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Wed, 10-01-2003 - 8:47am
Hi there,

As I am in Germany and we do not have the possibility to check other people's background or even do not talk with many people about such personal information like credit lines and stuff I have never thought about that. I know that these services are available in the US though but I think I would not use them there as well. I tend to trust the people I met in my life and never made bad experiences with that so I don't see the need to investigate that much. I also see no reason for acting different when you meet people online than you would do if you have met them in real life.

Once you get into closer contact with somebody you automatically talk about these more personal things and I would not want to read all detailed information in the profile already. That would mean I have to post like that as well and not only the people I am interested in but everybody would be able to read that. Of course basics like status and occupation are helpful but finally it all comes down to if you click in person or not. Of course there are some deal-breakers but it's up to everybody what that is and when it is time for letting them out. If person A cannot stand financial messies she may talk about that earlier than another one who is just interested in a man who was never married before.

If I would feel the other person is telling me stories or his information is not fitting together I would not be interested anymore because honesty is as important as trust for me.

If I would find out somebody has investigated on me that way, that would for sure be a dealbreaker for me. I have nothing to hide and I am open to all questions but I would not like somebody doing that behind my back. This is not what trust means to me.

Just my two cents.


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Wed, 10-01-2003 - 9:43pm
For me the dealbreaker lies are: age, marital status (since I won't date anyone divorced less than a year), height if more than 4 inches (2 is not a problem), educational status - if he lied about graduating grad school or college, a severe facial deformity (yes this happened).

I sometimes google the name or try to verify the last name/residence/employment but I don't background check - I have not dated a man I met on line more than two months so it never got that serious or intense. If I felt the need to do a background check, I wouldn't - I'd just break up with him.